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We are currently accepting applications for Veterinary Technicians.


Our veterinary clinic is interested in hiring a Veterinary Technician to assist in the care of our animal patients. If you love animals and want a career tat will allow you to interact with them daily, then a job as a veterinary technician might be a good fit for you!


Veterinary Technician Responsibilities:


Veterinary technicians work under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. They perform laboratory and diagnostic tests. Veterinary technicians perform many routine clinical and laboratory procedures within a vet’s office. They give medication, perform medical tests, take blood, and test urine, fecal matter, and other biological samples for signs of disease.


Veterinary technicians normally assist a veterinarian while the vet examines an animal. They make sure that the animal remains calm and secure while the vet administers shots or performs the checkup.


Veterinary technicians are also normally responsible for weighing pets and recording its medical history.


They write down information that includes an animal’s symptoms, eating habits, and behavior. Veterinarians then use this information to help diagnose a problem with the animal. This is kept as part of the health record and is a reference for future checkups.


Though veterinary technicians can’t write prescriptions themselves, they often explain to pet owners how medication should be administered, and any side effects that they should watch out for.


Avenues Pet Clinic


At Avenues Pet Clinic we consider our furry clients part of our family. We treat them with both compassion and knowledge. As a veterinary Technician you will find this is a friendly, fast paced clinic. There are multiple opportunities to learn and develop technician skills.


We are looking for an applicant that…


Is dedicated to aiding animals and providing excellent care. Is both compassionate and caring toward furry clients and their owners. Someone who takes their responsibilities seriously, acts professionally and is committed to furthering their knowledge and competence as a Veterinary Technician.


Interested?  Submit your resume to:

Lisa Smith

Avenues Pet Clinic

100 S 350 E

Salt Lake City, UT 84111




Now Hiring: Veterinary Technicians


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