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Practice Manager

Carlene was homegrown in Utah. She has always had a love for animals, bringing home every animal that needed help. After 28 years of working with animals and people at the Humane Society of Utah, being at Avenues Pet Clinic has been a great way to continue using her skills.

Carlene shares her home with her partner Lynda, their 2 Dogs, 2 cats and one very noisy Quaker Parrot.



Mehrdad has been working at the Avenues Pet Clinic since 2016. He was born and raised in Iran.

Mehrdad received his DVM (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine) from Azad University (a non-governmental private university system in Iran. It is one of the largest comprehensive system of universities, colleges, and community colleges in the world). He worked in large animal medicine in Iran.

He is pursuing his DVM license in the United States and at the same time he works as the Lead Technician at the Avenues Pet Clinic to gain more experience and knowledge in small animal medicine!



Jem has been a technician/receptionist at the clinic since 2016. He has two dogs: an Australian shepherd named Sullivan and a goldendoodle named Patty.

He’s currently a student at SLCC, taking whichever classes pique his interest while he figures the rest out as he goes.



Grace has been a technician since February 2018. She is currently a student at the University of Utah is working on a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She has 2 dogs, a Beagle named Frisco and a Tree Walker Coon Hound named Archer. Grace enjoys hiking, camping, and backpacking on her free time. Grace is from California and has lived in Salt Lake City since January of 2018.



Bio coming soon!



Kylee joined our team in April of 2019. Her previous job (non-animal related) was not working out for her so she took a chance and applied at Avenues Pet Clinic. We in turn took a chance on her too. A win – win for all of us! Kylee was born and raised in Utah, she loves hanging out with her boyfriend, friends and playing video games. She loves autumn and Halloween.



Aurora has been here at the clinic since May 2019. She has been working with animals for years and loves it, she shows everyone, every day, how much with her positive attitude and compassion. Aurora is from out east in the cozy town of Muncie Indiana. When she is not having fun at work, she is out hiking or in reading a good book.



Claire has been working in animal care for 3 years and has loved every moment of it. She joined the Avenues team in September of 2019. We are so happy to have her with us! Born and raised in Utah. When she is not at work she is out with her dog or curled up with a good book.



Liz has been here at the clinic since November 2019 as a technician. She is a student who has always dreamed of working with animals. She is the proud owner of a black Goldendoodle named Daxis. In her free time, Liz enjoys training in Chinese Martial Arts, writing and arobatics. When she can get away with it, she spends her weekends playing video games. Liz has been in Salt Lake since 2009



Leo Joined the team in September 2019, Leo grew up in France and moved to Utah 10 years ago. She currently attends the University of Utah as an undergraduate majoring in Biology, and hopes to go into veterinary medicine. In her free time, she loves going on road trips, spending time with friends, skateboarding and visiting art museums. Leo also has a cute Netherland Dwarf rabbit.



Bio coming soon.